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Find Your Ideal Match through Blind Dating

Monday, June 25th, 2012

 Find Your Ideal Match through Blind Dating
There are many youngsters out there who have faced failure in finding their dream partner. In order to meet someone interesting, people switch on to online dating. Making online dating profiles has become common practice among youngsters. Various social networking websites and dating sites allows them to choose their own dating partners. There have been many situations in which a guy dates a girl whom he hasn’t met earlier for the first time and falls for her. This kind of dating is termed as “Blind Dating”. Online blind dating is full of fun, thrill and excitement. It is a good opportunity to meet someone new.

If you feel that going on a blind date is just a waste of time or it will not give out desired results, then you are wrong! In actual, going on blind date is not really a bad idea. Your friends or family set up your blind date only after knowing your interest. What kind of guy or a girl you like pairing up with is the main concern.

Even the dating sites you choose to find your dating partner ask out for your area of interest and your needs. To make sure that you are in safe hands and you do not meet someone who is completely stranger for you, these sites allow you to talk to your partner before arranging a meeting with him or her.

Make yourself comfortable to know each other then only you can bridge that gap during your first meeting. When you have decided to meet a guy whom you have only chatted with then prepare yourself to accept any kind of catastrophe or even it might result into a good beginning for you.

Generally, before going for a blind date people set up some rules to enjoy the date in a better way. You get to know your date better. This kind of attitude forms a good image of yours in front of your dating partner. This will not ring wrong bell in the mind of your date. But, to warn you, do not carry high expectations for your first blind date. High expectations might turn into frustration for you if they are not fulfilled.

A blind date can be a beginning point for a great relationship. Definitely, you will notice your relationship flourishing. To know more about online dating or to find a good blind date, visit

Safe Blind Date Tips for Women

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

MenBlindDate11 Safe Blind Date Tips for Women

No matter how much fun and excitement blind dates ring, they always have a risk tag attached to them, especially for women. A blind date does not mean trusting an unknown stranger blind folded. Your date might turn pout to be a stalker, a deranged guy, a robber or just a miscreant. Here are a few safe blind date tips for women that will help you stay on your guard and keep trouble at bay!

• Always inform someone from your family or friend circle about your blind date. Do not forget to mention key details like where are you meeting, what will you be doing and when will you be back.
• Meet your blind date at a well populated place, preferably a park, or a coffee shop that is well it and lets you and your date stay in full public view.
• Try to rope in a friend and his or her partner and go on a double date. That will mean double fun and double security.
• Do not divulge too much information to your blind date. It is not okay to share your home phone number, even less secure to let him know your exact address. Little information, besides adding to your womanly mysterious charms, will ensure that you have a safe blind date.
• Have an exit plan in case you begin to feel uncomfortable.
• Do not, at ant cost, let your blind date offer to drop you at your place, even if it was a great date. First, it will show how much proximity you have allowed your date but may also be of concern security-wise.
• Always carry a pepper spray with yourself, just in case!
• Do not get involved in a sexual intercourse, no matter how attractive your date might seem. Resist your impulses and watch out for any such signals on your very first blind date.
Remember, a blind date is a chance to come across a wonderful person and begin a delightful relationship. Do not let a little callousness ruin it for you.
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