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Smart Tips for Online Dating Profile Pics

Friday, August 19th, 2011

online dating profile pic2 Smart Tips for Online Dating Profile PicsIn the world of online dating, the one thing that prompts most singles looking for a relationship to hit the ‘send a message’ button is a profile pic. Although we would agree that most online daters usually resolve to very flirtatious (or so it seems) profile pictures on online dating sites to attract other singles, however, we cannot help but get attracted to the ones that really catch our attention. If you are single and are looking for a serious relationship, here are some smart tips for profile pics that you might find handy in finding your perfect date:
Make eye contact: Statistics show that most singles who upload profile pics in which they stare right at the camera, so as to make a direct eye contact with those looking at the pic tend to attract more hits and messages. As against this, looking away from the camera may amount to a beautiful picture but does not reveal your interest in the onlooker. Such as picture might make you seem distant and reserved and is not a good choice for a dating profile pic. Pics that have eye contact make you seem interested and friendly.
Smile: Looking serious is frankly a big turn off. A smiling profile pic, on the contrary shows that ‘you won’t bite’, are friendly and approachable. This will not only help you attract like-minded singles but also reveal a positive and lighter side of you and help you attract similar singles interested in dating or looking for a relationship.
Flirt (but only a bit): Flirting seems to work quite well on online dating sites. But when it comes to choosing your profile picture, be a little cautious. You do not want to send out the wrong vibes or attract the wrong people. While it is okay to appear a little flirtatious in your profile pic, going overboard might make you seem very frivolous.
Abstain from pornographic profile pics: Nude/semi nude or pornographic pics show that you are desperate for a physical relationship and are not serious about finding a good dating partner. Watch out! This may attract sex predators!
Avoid bathroom mirror shots: Dude, seriously, that is old!! Bathroom shots taken of oneself with the flash reflecting in the mirror is passé. Think of more innovative ideas to click yourself!
Use a ‘present day’ picture: What good is a ten years older picture of you in which you looked younger (and probably slimmer!!) when you are looking for a real date in present day? Do not give out an incorrect impression about yourself. Ageing is a natural process. Accept it and let genuine people get attracted to who you really are now.
Here’s hoping that you will find these tips useful. So go ahead and put up your bests shot. You never know, your perfect date might just ‘hot poke’ you!
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Why Do Many Older Couple Meet Through Online Dating

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

online dating for older couple Why Do Many Older Couple Meet Through Online DatingIf you thought online dating was only for the young, you need to think again. In fact, contrary to popular belief that online dating is typically for people between the age groups of 18-30, a large number of older people and even senior citizens resort to online dating sites to find suitable partners amongst thousands of old singles. Yes, you heard it right! There actually are thousands of older people looking out for dates on the Internet. That is also the reason why there are more and more online dating sites catering only to older people are mushrooming over the World Wide Web everyday.

There are several reasons that have led to this latest trend of older people searching for friends, dates and even soul mates on dating sites. Some may be pushed by loneliness and others may like to kindle a spark of fun and excitement in their lives. However, the most common reasons that have led many older couples to meet each other on online dating sites are:

Early or late divorce

With families shrinking and relationships becoming distant, people generally tend to get isolated at an older age. They do get bored and find it difficult to spend time in a constructive manner, while keeping themselves engaged with new and exciting things. At this age, one finds it rather difficult to make new friends in a real world. Online dating sites designed for the elderly give them the much needed break from the monotony of a regular life.

By logging on to online dating sites, older men and women can meet new singles of their own age and make their lives interesting. Plus, these sites provide a safe and reliable environment for older singles to share their thoughts and look for partners who are less frivolous. Chances of people faking or telling lies on older dating sites are also much lesser and only those people who are serious about dating someone or having a relationship with someone their age frequent these sites or open their accounts on them.

Online dating
sites for older singles provide a healthier and quality environment for older people to look for suitable dating or relationship matches.

Local Dating in Canada

Monday, March 28th, 2011

first date2 Local Dating in CanadaEver wondered how easy it could be to find your soul mate? It’s true! The concept of local dating has made it easy for complete strangers to meet, greet and hit off a relationship.

Local dating has several benefits. First, distance is never a problem. You can meet your date, anytime, anywhere in your very own area or locality. Less distance traveled consequently results in lesser costs incurred and more quality time spent with your date. Local dating has another key benefit. The assurance of someone who is very close and can be reached anytime is a great feeling by itself.

Local dating is a great way to meet someone in your own area, block or city and strike off a beautiful relationship with him. Local dating makes it possible for strangers in the same neighborhood to break ice and become dating partners.

Meeting a suitable guy or girl of your choice and age is no longer a problem. Register at a reliable local dating website, browse through hundreds of profiles of interested men and women in your local area and get in touch with the ones you intere4st you in a matter of minutes.

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