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Quick Tips for writing online dating profile

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
dating profile Quick Tips for writing online dating profile

Online Dating Profile

One of the most important steps that you should take in order to be successful at online dating is to make sure your dating profiles create an impression. Dating tips on how to create striking dating profiles are most sought after. Here are some quick tips on how you should go about writing out your profile in order to get noticed and increase your dating activities:

You should possess some writing skills in general but avoid being over expressive while writing your profile. Try to get your personality splashed across the profile by writing what you would generally to a close friend. Afterwards, proofread it and remove anything that is too personal, or something that you don’t want to disclose at this stage.

Honesty is the bets policy, so make sure you’re honest about yourself as well as the type of relationship you’re looking for, i.e. casual or long term. Try to be as sincere, honest and open as possible and instead of expecting from others, speak about what you can bring to the table. Also, you should let people know your intentions, whether you’re looking for a friend, soul mate or just a short term romantic interest.

Research reveals that profile pictures with real pictures are more likely to be noticed than the ones with the picture of a celebrity or other types of pictures. So make sure you include a good photo of yourself in order to receive a better response. This step is crucial!

You can talk about your social life, describe what you like doing, whether or not you’re attached to your families and small talks like that. It is also a good idea to describe what you like the most or something that you value a lot in your life. Try to be optimistic and positive while writing out your profile page. Pessimists hardly ever appeals to online singles. People are intrigued by descriptions about self. So if there’s a space provided for your favorite things to do, favorite song, favorite artist or things like that, then you can fill it out too. Just remember not to go overboard with the details. Keep things witty and short so that your profile page wont send the people running away!

Stronger and better headlines for your online dating profile

Friday, November 19th, 2010

online dating profile Stronger and better headlines for your online dating profileAccording to research, women have better online dating headlines than men. One should not underestimate the power of powerful headlines that stands out from the dating profiles. Different people put different headlines depending on their needs or what type of partner or date are they looking for. Headlines are like witty one-liners that help to increase your dating activities. So are you looking for dating tips relating to headlines for your profile? Here are some of them that are guaranteed to grab eyeballs!

If you are one of those movie lovers, read romantic movie lovers, then you can use headlines that include a movie name, for instance: lonely guy looking for single white female. Did you find out the movie name from this? Well it’s ‘Single White Female’ which is a very popular movie. You can also use witty quotes from any movies that you like, just make sure they are apt for the dating theme.

Want to get a cougar? Are older mature women what you’re looking for? In that case you can use a headline like ‘Loving cub looking for company of mature woman”, this is witty as well as humorous and it is bound to grab the attention of cougars with a sense of humor. It can land you on a date with a lot of lovely older women!

There’s something about hopelessly romantic people that are very attractive and that is why headlines like “seeking hopeless romantic” works amazingly! With this type of headline, you are guaranteed to get a lot of response because the online dating world is full of hopeless romantic singles.

You can measure the effectiveness of your headline through trial-and-errors. Depending on how many hits you get or how many singles contact you, you can judge whether you are going in the right direction or not. Even if your online dating headline grabs the wrong type of singles, you can always remain friends with them instead of being dates or partners! Just like how you got attracted to that lovely single with an attractive headline, others notice your headlines too. So make your headline a turn on instead of a turn off. Don’t be afraid to apply your uniqueness into the headline or your wittiness. You shouldn’t be afraid to try out new things including but not limited to headlines of your online dating profile. Your dating profile headline is really powerful, so make the right choice!

How to create the best online dating profile

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Tired of blending into the crowd and not many responding to your online dating profile? Don’t be! Before you create that profile of yours, make sure you implement these points for best results, so that you can create a profile that would stay in the minds of the people long after they’ve closed it:

1.  Be out of the ordinary – There are thousands of online singles out there and they might even have the same basic information in their profile, which do not reflect originality. If your profile is a refreshing change from these, then you are bound to get noticed, hence you should add a little pizzazz to the profile page of yours! Be interesting! Don’t be afraid to have fun and experiment with different styles in order to not appear as a plain Jane out there.

2.  Pictures- They say a picture is worth a thousand words, now of course you cant upload your pictures when you’re mobile dating but you sure can when you’re free dating in some online dating site! Don’t just upload a boring head shot of yours or pictures that are taken from very unattractive angles! Use your picture to demonstrate the fact that you’re fun and unique! The worst mistake people make is putting up pictures of their favorite stars or artists! So, don’t do that.

3.  Honest description- For this you’re going to need a friend who can proof-read what you’ve written in your profile and see if you’ve accurately described yourself or not. Your profile should just be a description of what you really are in real life and not what you aspire to be or any other lies for that matter. Make sure you put your money where your mouth is, don’t go about saying something when your profile does not really reflect that quality!

4.  Keep it short – Can you be bothered to read long static pages? Of course not! Then why bore others with long descriptions of yourself? Just keep the information short, punchy and sweet! They say great things come in small packages, so keep your profile that way too!