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Phone Dating: Gaining Momentum

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

 Phone Dating: Gaining Momentum
Though people have created their online dating profiles, they seem to interact much through phone calls and quick messages. With the advent of technology, dating sites seem to allow people to join phone chat groups in order to find their suitable dating partners. Phone dating is becoming popular as more and more people taking active part in dating through mobile phones. The way singles meet each other through phone gives them access to date each other at any point of time. They simply need a phone preferably with an Internet service.

Moreover many online dating sites also offer users with phone dating services. Dating on phone is a great way to meet new people and getting involved with them what actually you need is a mobile phone. Phone dating sites give you a list of people who match your profile in best possible way. You just need to choose a perfect dating partner for you and rest is up to you.

Before you begin with dating through mobile phone consider all these factors:

• Make sure that you are comfortable at a place where you are not to be disturbed by anyone. An interruption might irritate the other person holding onto phone.

• Prepare yourself before you begin your chat. Get away with all your nervousness and think about what you are going to say to your partner for the first time. You can even note it down on a paper in the case when your mind goes blank.

• Do not be much intimate about getting all the information about your dating partner. Try to involve the person on your conversation either through humor or through some topic that interest him or her.

• Keep a balance while conversing with each other. Phone dating should not sound like talking out your own praises or failures. Give space to other person as well to reveal something about him or her. Give only relevant information that will inform them about the person you are and limit yourself to that.

Phone dating is actually an ideal way to know each other well. When people are serious about each other, their dating might ultimately lead to marriage. You can establish the kind of relation you want. You can begin with friendship which might end up in long term relationship for you.

How to Succeed in Phone Dating

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Although phone dating has become very popular because of the unique advantages it offers to the users, it is also true that there have been times when people have had awful experiences while dating via text. The fact that the other person with whom you are communicating cannot see or, hear you may work in your favor, but it may also put greater stress on you to prove your worth through text and text alone. This may be more difficult than thought as offensive expressions are possible in both face to face and text message dating.

Success in this form of dating depends to a large extent on how you express yourself over text. Clear and non convoluted messages are most expected. Using too many abbreviations may cause confusion. The receiver cannot keep messaging back to find out what the message sent by you in the first place meant. Same goes for using sarcastic double meaning jokes. Keep communication as simple as possible in the first few days of dating via text. ‘Simple’ does not mean providing every detail of your day to day life to your new found love interest. He/she flee from you out of boredom. Keep the messages short, sweet and meaningful.

Desperation when experienced is alright; but desperation when displayed is obnoxious. No one likes it. You may have sent a message an hour back and the concerned person has not messaged back, does not give you the license to text him/her fifty times to find out why he/she did not revert. It is quite possible that the person is caught up with something which is more important than texting back to you, and will eventually do so when the work is done. If you attack him/her with your desperation, the possibility the person reverting will be dull.

Take advantage of the fact that you can overcome all the errors of communication. Long pauses, blurting and impersonal aspect of messaging makes romancing over text easier. Therefore, the lesser the frequency of messages in the initial days, better it is for the relationship. While caught up in work and your loved one is least expecting any kind of contact from your end, you can send a quick romantic message, and watch the latter getting swept off her/his feet! This will show that you really care and the relationship means more to you than is obvious.

Avoid proposing marriage in the very first few weeks of text message dating. This is insane and will scare your date away for ever. Your chief aim is to meet the person face to face and find out more about him/her, rather than getting carried away through text messaging itself. Once convinced about the person through a few consecutive face to face dates, you can go ahead with bigger plans with mutual consent. You can say that your phone dating has been successful when it reaches this level. Phone dating is a launch pad for relationships. It is not an end in itself. Getting hooked on to it will take you no where. Therefore, follow the guidelines to success and get the best out of phone dating.

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What Comes After Phone Dating

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Phone dating is probably the easiest possible way to eradicate first-date woes. It is a unique form of dating popularized after mobile phones became part and parcel of common man’s life. Using the option of texting for purposes other than explaining absence from office to your superior, or to inform your wife you will be late for dinner, has resulted in one of the most glorious outcomes, that is, the facility of dating via text. In this process, a person is required to register to the phone based dating site (that are available in plenty), fill in the personal details asked for and mention the qualities you expect in the person you want to date by texting. Once the options are accessible, you can choose your favorite and commence communication.

This easy and hassle free form of dating has been taken maximum advantage of by thousands of people and the number keeps growing every day. The fact that the person you are phone dating with cannot see you, hear your voice or, even perceive your body language is appealing to many who have set records in fumbling and blurting while dating in person. It is also of great help to people who travel a lot. The impersonal aspect of messaging as compared to calling up is considered appealing to many, as this is the best way to get over the errors of verbal communication. With all the glories of text message dating one may wonder what comes after that.

There are two possible outcomes of text message dating: (a) You end up with the man/woman of your dreams; your ultimate soul mate that you can walk down the aisle with or, (b) you get the sock or, hand a sock after having a good time for a few weeks. It is mainly option (a) that people expect as the outcome or, what possibly should come after phone dating. It is also essential to make up your mind before making yourself a dating option over the phone, as to what kind of relationship you are looking for and move accordingly.

If you find a person worth your attention and who is equally interested in you, do not restrict your communication to the phone only. Make sure to make efforts in taking the relationship to the next level and see how it works out. Weeks of dating through messages will make you confident enough to handle a first face-to-face-date successfully. If every thing goes well you may earn a second date which is the most coveted outcome of phone dating. Very often, people get addicted to punching buttons that even if there is a good chance of conversion of the text date to a real date, people are unwilling to do so, because they do not want to give up on texting! This addiction should be avoided to attain the real purpose of phone based dating.

What comes after phone dating is known best by the one involved in it, and is different for different people. Therefore, instead of worrying your head over the outcome, more importance should be given on how you date, (like, maintaining your etiquettes etc), and hope for the best to happen.