Food for a Date!

woman treat yum Food for a Date!

Can anything be better than a food date where you and your partner can indulge in lip smacking food without being conscious of the amount of food on your plate or the selection? Add to that some fine wine and you have the icing on the cake!
Alas, not all varieties of food are meant to be eaten on a date! There may be a variety of reasons like strong, pungent odor, dripping nature of the items or your clumsy way of maneuvering with the fork, knife or chopsticks (remember those awkward situations that you wanted to avoid?).

Worry not, for here are a few tips on what you can eat on a date, depending upon your choice of vegetarian or non vegetarian food and the budget:

• Short pastas, minus thick sauces.
• Baked ziti
• Shrimp toffee over rice
• Sausages
• Lasagna with a nice salad
• Kebobs
• Smoked salmon salad
• Seared steak salad
• Fish filet with chips
• Mustard crusted lamb
• Baked chicken
• Boneless pork chops with mushrooms
• Stir fry vegetables
• Mushroom fritters
• The all-time favorite – pizzas!

As for desserts, you may go for chocolate walnut tangerine tarts, strawberry cheesecake, frozen peanut butter pie, chocolate mousse, mocha pots or your favorite flavor of ice cream! The options are endless. Choose the dessert that perfectly rounds up your food date.

Here’s hoping that all your perplexity about what to eat on a date are resolved. Go ahead and dig in with style. Remember, it’s not always what’s on your plate but the way you eat it.

(Hic… burp!!!) Happy dating…and bon appétit!

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