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The New Mantra of Online Dating

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Life is moving fast and you have to keep pace with it. There is no point in getting left behind. When it comes to dating, a lot has changed over the years. Gone are the days when everything would happen gradually with time. Earlier, it would require several dates with your partner to know her a little better so that you can take the next step. Then, there were the first time jitters. In the first date, both partners would be nervous like hell and fumble time and again thereby taking a lot of time to express their feelings and emotions. But, who has so much time to devote now-a-days? Everyone wants instant result and that is why text dating has emerged as a popular option for young and middle-aged folks alike.

In online dating, there is no need to venture out of your house in the initial period. There are so many different individuals out there and by dating only one person, how can you come to the conclusion that she is the perfect one for you. The best thing to do would be to date multiple partners at a time so that you can pit one against the other and judge which one is more compatible and better suited for you. In the real world, handling more than one partner can get a bit tricky. But, in phone dating, there is no such worry. Since there are hardly any strings attached, you can easily engage in romantic chats with different attractive singles and choose the best of the lot. If you are not interested in a relationship and only want to have a good time by engaging in harmless flirting, you can easily do that online. If you attempt to do that in real life, there are high chances of misunderstandings and confusions.

There are no issues of choosing dating locations in online dates. All you have to do here is visit different dating profiles and initiate conversation with those who seem interesting and intriguing. If you are thinking that only young folks make use of this facility, you are highly mistaken. Middle aged men and women looking for younger partners also visit these sites in the hope of meeting someone with whom they can have romantic possibilities.

Text Dating – I Am Glad To Meet You!

Friday, December 3rd, 2010
dating Text Dating   I Am Glad To Meet You!

I Am Glad To Meet You!

Text dating has now become an essential element of your life. It is easy as it allows you to do local text rather calling a person. If we are discussing on online dating then we must say that the modern technology has played a very important role in the present dating activities.

Yes, among all other means, text dating is mostly preferred by people who feel shy in a face to face conversation as they lack confidence.

So, let me discuss some of the easiest ways which will make your dating activities interesting.

Try to be her best friend!
Yes, this is one of the most important steps as it is required for mating purposes. A woman wants her guy to be her best friend. She usually searches for mating qualities in her man. Well, it’s their inner quality and you can’t blame them for that. Therefore, make sure to establish yourself as soon as possible, otherwise your date may look for another option.
Start the conversation!
“I want to take you in an ice cream parlor”. Yes, you should be the one to decide on the dating locations. Your aim should be to “SUGGEST” and not to “ASK”. Don’t make her/him confuse by giving a long list of dating locations. Stick on one location only. It helps your date to know that you have the ability to take a right decision. Your date will find you interesting and as a result will gain confidence in you.
Oh! No he is boring!(Don’t make her feel like this)
You must understand what she wants from you. May be she is telling you about the new movies then you should ask her to go for a movie. Sometimes when you get short texts, it means that she is busy or not interested in you. If the second one is true then my friend let me tell you that you are in a big trouble. Now it’s time to do some interesting stuff to reignite her interest.

Thus, follow these easy steps and see whether it impresses your date.