Text Dating Sites

Mobile phone dating is gaining popularity every passing day and has become one of the most popular methods of dating. Countries like Germany, Japan, Unite Kingdom, France etc. rank highest among the users of text dating services. Dating through mobile phone take place through cell phone based websites. (Research states that 3G phones will increase the use of these services).

One of the greatest advantages of phone dating sites is that it is a very safe option. The anonymity of any user remains intact because all messages go through the dating service. Therefore the person in the receiving end will never come to know about the real contact number of the sender (unless of course, the person chooses to disclose it himself).

What make these sites more interesting are the free trial services they offer. These offers generally last for a few weeks or, months, after the expiry of which a nominal fee is charges. Even then these offers have their desired effect, bringing in hundreds of users every day irrespective of age or, gender.

If you are unable to find a perfect dating match, then you can sign into the mobile match making site and leave the rest to it. Once people matching your dating profile are found, the site will keep sending the options over your phone. You can then begin text chatting with the one you choose. Most people chat for weeks before meeting.

Phone dating services come with subscription (which is usually around $10, sometimes more and sometimes less depending upon the services provided).some services charge a few cents for every message sent. Charging for received message is rare and is a sign that the site may be illegal. Incentives are given to new members to encourage the use of the services.

Although maximum number of phone dating sites is legitimate, it is possible that people may accidentally come across a few fraud sites. The sole purpose of these sites is to extract as much money from the subscribers (mainly through incoming and outgoing messages) with no real benefit.

There are a few ways to identify a fraud site. You may suddenly receive messages incessantly from unknown numbers. The messages sent will be completely impersonal in nature and you may be addressed wrongly. You may be charged as high as 1.5 $ per message whether sent or, received. The prospective dates may put up alluring pictures and claim to be from poor deprived families and demand monetary support from the user. Beware of such sites and report them to the respective authorities.

Keeping the frauds at bay, phone dating sites are worth subscribing to. More and more people are joining just to be a part of this community.

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