Text Dating Etiquette – Are You Doing It Right?

April 14th, 2014

Yes, texting is a fun way of getting to know someone. People, who are shy to initiate a conversation in person, often feel more comfortable talking through texts. If you have just started seeing someone, texting would help you bond with him/her. However, despite the fun factor, the world of text dating can be a bit tricky. You need to know what to say, and how to say it. If you haven’t yet mastered the art of texting, check out the following tips that are sure to give you an upper-hand:

Don’t be the one to initiate:
This one is for the ladies, and this is one rule that you must follow at least in the beginning of your budding romance. Guys may find it extremely unfair, but as far as the norm goes, they are the one who should take the first step. Women are coy creatures and they like their men to be brave! Besides, every woman loves a little attention, and they love the men who give it to them! Also, remember when a guy is genuinely interested, he will make the effort to text you.
Text Dating Etiquette 300x200 Text Dating Etiquette – Are You Doing It Right?
Time your responses:
When you do receive a text from the man/woman of your dreams, you must be excited to reply back even before reading the entire message! But that is a wrong move for both men and women. You should wait a few minutes before you reply. Replying too fast may make you seem a bit desperate, and that is the impression that you must keep the other person from having about you! On the other hand, if you reply too late, trying to act cool, the other person may feel you are too disinterested to text them back! You need to find a middle ground when timing your responses.

Pay attention to grammar:
There is nothing more off-putting than bad grammar! If you are dating a person who is very proper in their communication skills, it is time you brush off your knowledge of grammar. We all feel the urge to use a lot of abbreviations when texting, but saying a good old-fashioned “See you tomorrow” is much better than saying “C U 2morw”! Punctuation is another major factor. They invented the comma, full stop and exclamation marks for a reason!

So these are some of the rule of thumbs of how to text chat when dating someone. Follow these etiquettes and you will surely have a fun time!

Flirting is a Fun Game- Play it Well!

April 9th, 2014

If you proclaim yourself to be a born flirt then think twice. There are many who can give you tough competition in this category. Let’s find out how much you actually excel with this talent. Text dating sites now brings you the opportunity to meet your match. Here you can test how far you go with your smart moves and innate skills.
Many look down upon flirting as just another time-pass-kind of a thing. But remember it’s the jealous ones lacking in such qualities, who try to bog down the enthusiastic ones. If two people are mutually interested in each other what’s the harm in having fun? Lively chats can brighten up your day and in this mobile age, where equation with gadgets and smartphones are on the rise, why be a social doormat? If your workplace, where you spend most of the time in a day is full of male colleagues and the few female sticking around are not worth flirting- do not sit back and crib! Give your romantic fantasies a real picture.
im a flirt 300x296 Flirting is a Fun Game  Play it Well!
Don’t feel bored as online text dating sites gives you the opportunity to start afresh and explore greener pastures. In such a site, you meet with active indulgent flirters sitting on the other end. Use your smartphones, quickly open an account, post an appealing picture of yours that will make the other sex glued to you and attract the numerous active flirters with your drool worthy look. Just wait and watch how the lovely, pretty young dandies and beauties come trailing toward your profile to get started with naughty talk sessions. This is the right time to flaunt yourself, take the first step cautiously and indulge in smooth talks with the person for whom your heart is conjuring up those frilly romantic tales.
Make sure that the approach is good, as on text dating sites the ‘first impression is the last impression’. As you don’t get to see your counterpart, you can talk about anything under the sun, but do not stoop too low. Do not always pop in the pill of over-confidence as it can shatter many romantic dreams! Once you get a hold of the whole affair, then it’s a cake walk from there onwards. When you are confident enough you can fix up a date and catch up!
So much excitement is in store on text dating sites! The perks of living in an internet age- aren’t those worth enjoying? So come out of that cocoon, break free and have your romantic fill!

Dos and Don’ts of Text Dating: Get it right guys!

April 1st, 2014

Text dating is one of the most widely used channels for meeting new people nowadays and there are no two ways about it! Many even consider it to be one of the best modes of communication for developing relationship experiences. Surely, it is a fast way to reach your partner which facilitates instant reply. It is easier for shy people to just set the fire on as there is no face-to-face communication and the actual conversation between both parties need only a few words to be sent. It is convenient as one can engage in dating at any time of the day from anywhere. In terms of emotional attachment too, it is less risky. According to popular opinion, its biggest benefit is that it allows people to actually say what they really want to when introducing intimacy issues which would otherwise become awkward.

However, even though it is through texting, dating has its own rules and ignoring them would do little more than giving the wrong impression to the other person. For example, asking someone about their financing when you have been texting for only a week or two cannot be considered to be a good ‘move’. In order to successfully date, you must keep at pace with modern dating trends. Make sure that you are having fun and taking it light while communicating with the person you like. As a rule, the texts you send must be coined in good words. This will make the person of your interest feel appreciated and honored.

bestdatingtips Canada 300x102 Dos and Don’ts of Text Dating: Get it right guys!

A number of modern Canada dating sites are providing you the scope of meeting singles and talking to them via texts.

Another practice that makes text dating even more appealing is not replying as soon as you receive a message. Take some time to reply, let the anticipation grow and keep the suspense building. Be sure to check the message you have typed for errors before sending it. Simple typographical errors can lead to big confusions and bigger misunderstandings while text dating. It is best to avoid using slangs or abbreviations if the other person is not aware of their meanings. The use of emoticons can help to lighten the mood if there is need for that. These are especially useful if the mood gets heavier after the use of sarcasm. Try not to joke every time you send a text as this will only portray that you are taking your date way too lightly.

There is hardly any other form of dating as rewarding as this one. It is cost effective and convenient. There is no need to search for new places, arrange for a meeting time and then shell out quite a few bucks each time you meet your partner. Just register with a good service provider and get the ball rolling. Now that you know the dos and don’ts; what are you waiting for? Happy dating!