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How To Start A Dating Conversation?

Monday, June 11th, 2012

 How To Start A Dating Conversation?
When two people develop an intimate bond between each other, their relationship seeks a beginning through dating. Dating is a form of courtship done by two people in order to assess each other suitability as a life partner. A guy and a girl meet and engage in public as a couple. In this modern society, dating has become a norm. Dating a partner becomes much easier if your first date was excellent. Generally, a guy may be hesitant in starting conversation with his girl on the first date. Or a girl might not respond to the conversation commenced by the guy due to shilly-shallying. So, here are some tips to start a dating conversation successfully:

• Praise your partner: Generally, when two people meet for the first time, they are uncertain to begin the conversation. At that time, complimenting your dating partner can act as a good conversation starter. If you like what the person is wearing, then praise him or her. But make sure you do not talk about physical attributes on the first date itself, the person might not feel comfortable.

• Ask for help: If you find your dating partner in need for help, then help her out. If she is carrying bag and not able to open the door while entering a restaurant, then offer to carry it or open the door. It will make her feel special and worthy.

• Engage in activity: If you are at a club where people are immersed in dancing and fun, then approach your partner with a smile and ask him or her for a dance. It will surely make both of you contented which will further make conversation easier.

• Ask regarding interests of your partner: Ask what interests the person, what are his or her likes and dislikes. By knowing the interests, you get a topic to widen your conversation further. As a result, you will get to know what the person feels or thinks about various issues like art, love and surroundings.

• Seize interest in your partner: on your first date, do not act as a loud-mouth talking about yourself. Rather, take interest in knowing your partner. Make him or her feel that you are noticing them. It will actually allow you to touch upon personal subject as well.

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What Not to Talk About on a Date?

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

bad first date What Not to Talk About on a Date?

If you are looking forward to a perfect date, few things are best not talked about during the course of your first date conversation. Great conversation chemistry is the key to great personal chemistry. Here are a few dating tips on what not to talk about on a date

Ex: Let bygones be bygones. Mentioning an old flame is almost like ignoring your present date. Also, it is unfair to draw comparisons between your date and your ex’s. Talking about your ex’s will give your date an idea of you being unable to let go of the past and look forward to new prospects.

Sex: A first date is not the ideal occasion to know your date’s opinion on intercourse. Your keenness might mislead your date to take you as a very desperate person and you surely do not want to give out the wrong signals.

Politics: Politics is a very touchy topic and a serious one too. So, unless you want to discuss political propaganda of governments and nations and turn your perfect date into a dry one, politics definitely features in the list of what not to talk about on a date.

Medical condition: You may be suffering from anxiety, depression or a health problem. But try to keep your medical condition out of the date conversation. It may usually be misunderstood as an attempt to gain sympathy or pity. Try to be in the best of your spirits. On a more serious note, consider cancelling your date in case of a severe medical condition.

Lousiness: Your date really wants to know how adept, cheerful and positive you are. Lousiness is not cool, whether you are sitting, standing, eating or talking. Plus, it must not be mentioned during a date conversation as well. Lousiness has pretty negative connotations and is an absolute first date spoiler.

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Great Conversation Tips For Your First Date

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

first date 965804 Great Conversation Tips For Your First Date

A first date is very special and you want to make the most of it. However, being shy or not knowing how to kick start a conversation can really be boring. To help you get on with a perfect date, here are a few tips that you can follow to avoid awkward silences and have a wonderful romantic date.

Deep breathe and relax. Chances are, you date would also be in your shoes, not knowing how to get talking. A clever way to start a conversation is to express your awkwardness at not knowing what to say and listening to your partner’s response. Make small talk, chit chat and break the ice.

Build your conversation chemistry. Discuss the highlights of your day with your date. Remember to give your date a chance to speak. Dating conversations can get really boring when one goes on and on about oneself. Engage your date in the conversation.

Notice and comment on your date’s clothing, dressing style, accessory or personality. Complimenting is a great aspect of dating conversation. However, remember not to go overboard with the honey drippings.

Asking your date about his or her interest makes for an interesting dating conversation. Which movie or book or personality does your date like, whether or not your date in interested in sports or politics and why, your date’s favourite colour, food, pet, the list of questions is simply endless! These will not only help you get to know your date better but also drive the dating conversation along interesting lines.

Hope these tips on dating conversations will help you kick a perfect first date and step up on the next!

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