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Dating Dress For Women

Monday, June 4th, 2012

 Dating Dress For Women

It is generally said that people forget what you said or did, but they do not forget how you made them feel. First impression is the last impression. On first date, a woman should dress up in a way that her dating partner can not take his eyes off her. Approach your partner in a fashionable way. But this involves lot of hard work. Everything should be taken care of from top to bottom including your hairstyle and your footwear. So, here are some tips for women to woo men by dressing up themselves in a unique manner.

• Look elegant: Clothes are the language of thought. Dress yourself up in a way that you catch full attention of your man. Do not wear faded clothes. Carry yourself confidently. Men usually desire for a woman who appears to be elegant and stylish.

• Avoid skinny outfits: If you think that wearing tight fitted clothes will impress men, then you are wrong. It is never appreciable to wear skinny clothes on a date. Do not choose very loose clothes as well. Gear up yourself in comfy outfit. So dress yourself comfortably.

• Choose vibrant colors: Wear out colors suitable for that particular occasion. For instance, if you are heading to a pub, then little black dress is a perfect choice. But if you are choosing an outdoor dating location, then wear vibrant colors like pink, red or white. Pink is the color of romance and a girl with the pink dress looks more attractive and flamboyant.

• Do not put on loads of makeup: There are occasions when women wear too much makeup. But do not hide your natural beauty while preparing yourself for date. Normally, men like women with little less or no make up. Yes, you may need to cover up a scar on your face but a little makeup will do that for you.

• Pair up your dress with perfect accessories: First date is not a time to experiment something new. Pair up your dress with matching and complementary footwear and accessories like handbag. Do not overdo yourself.

• Do not expose much: You can look more intriguing without showing your cleavage as well. Dress yourself sexily but subtly.

So, be trendy and unique in your appearance. Follow these tips to make your first date memorable. Use them well and flatter your dating partner.

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Perfect Dating Dress for Men

Monday, April 4th, 2011

dress to impress Perfect Dating Dress for Men

Creating a great first impression on your first requires a lot of hard work. Everything – from tip to toe should be taken care of. So, if you want to create an everlasting impression and make the girl fall for you, follow these tips on perfect dating dress for men that will ensure that you dress to impress.

Keep it cool: dress in casuals unless you are going to a high profile dinner date where the dress code is formal. Casual clothes relax you to a great extent, make movement easy and instead of being self conscious of the way you are dressed for a date, you can concentrate on your dating partner.
Make a statement: Let your clothes do the talking. Pick your dating dress judiciously. Do not be too loud in the color aspect, nor try to wear dull colors. The cuts, the style and the fit of your dress tell a lot about your nature and attitude towards life.
Dress decent: wearing revealing clothes does not set a good first impression. Your partner can misconstrue it as vulgarity, disregard for her or even an explicit signal of sexual motivations. Show good taste. Designer labels can hold you in good stead.
Match up: there is nothing wrong in spending time to match things up. More often than not, extremely contrasting colors, instead of standing out, look rather odd. Avoid color combination disasters. Better still, ask the opinion of several women before wearing something that completely mismatches.

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