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Start text dating to get rid of your loneliness

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Dating has become quite interesting and indulging in Canada. Thanks to the online sites popping up with the concept of text dating, with the motive to bring singles together. Hot singles and suitable partners are on the go! Fixing meeting to flirting with them online, all are possible now. No more I-am-lonely woes. Just get yourself registered on a genuine dating site and get started with you date chats. Engage potential partners in your lovely exciting chats whenever you feel low.
There are several waiting to become a couple and are in the search of the right partner. Catch up with your soul mate among these several and hatch a great bond forever. Manyhave proved lucky through such friendly text chats and now it’s your turn. Now you have the opportunity, all you just need is some courage and start knowing a totally different person from a totally different place or within your vicinity. You may never know that these friendly chats might lead to something lucrative in the long run and the both of you might end up as partners for life. If you consider yourself shy and speaking to other is not one of you plus points, don’tworry, as these are text chat, you don’t get to meet the person face to face yet you can speak out a lot about yourself and come to know a lot about them too. It is all about creating the perfect impression in order to get things started.

So if you are the proud owner of the latest smartphone then create an account, post an attractive picture of yourself and start getting instant date text from the numerous singles waiting to become couples.

Tips to Meet Your Online Dating Partner Safely

Monday, February 27th, 2012

meet your online dating partner safely 243x300 Tips to Meet Your Online Dating Partner SafelyIt is always fun to meet new people on an online dating platform. But when do you know it is absolutely safe to meet them in real? The Internet is fraught with people who are best kept at a distance. At first, someone may come across as extremely charming and irresistible. But should you wait for a disaster to strike to identify their true nature? Do not put your security at risk. Follow these simple tips to be on your guard while meeting your online dating partner in the real world.


Always tell someone reliable about the guy or girl you have been chatting with on the Internet. This someone reliable can be your best friend, your parents or your siblings. Keeping someone reliable in loop about your interactions or plan to meet always helps to keep trouble at bay.


Do not share too much personal information with your online dating partner than is required. In case you are text dating, you do not have much of a choice as you would have possible given away your personal cell phone number. But hold your horses just there. Do not divulge your home or office address, your email id or your home number. You do not want to invite problems, especially those related to cyber crime. The sweet charming guy you have been talking to might turn out to be a stalker…who knows! Try calling the person from a public telephone booth or switch off your caller ID while calling them up. That way, you can ensure that your safety and peace of mind are well guarded.


Never go alone on a first date. And this one is especially for all the lovely women out there. Take a reliable (male) friend along. This might seem a little strange to your online dating partner but hey, you are just trying to protect yourself! Also, always make sure that you meet at a public place, such as a park or a coffee shop rather than somewhere discreet. If things go well, you will have plenty of places to get up close and personal with your online dating partner. But for the initial few times, keep it public.


Do not get drunk on your first date. You do not want to make yourself vulnerable and invite trouble. Plus, even if you online dating partner does turn out to be perfectly normal and mean no harm, you will end up spoiling your own image. Now, you surely wouldn’t want that to happen!


Finally, do a little bit of background check on your online dating partner. Browse through his or her Facebook profile to see the kind of friends he/she has and the way he/she portrays herself to the rest of the world. Getting as much information about your online dating partner will help you stay cautious about meeting him or her in real life.


Meetings random people can be extremely dangerous. So, follow these tips, instead of your heart to stay cautious and get to really know your online dating partner!


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Fun things to do with your online date

Friday, February 17th, 2012

fun things to do with your online date 300x300 Fun things to do with your online dateOkay, first of all don’t start deriving kinky meanings from the blog title! I know most of you would have asked your online dating partner out on a real date on Valentine’s Day. But now that the special ‘day of love’ is over, you have to strive hard to keep sustain and grow their interest in you. Here are few fun things that you can do with your online dating or text dating partner for all your future dates:

So you’ve met your online date once and are very eager to meet him/her again. But, you are not sure whether they would want to meet you again too. Most importantly, you don’t know what to do on your next date. Think simple. Think movies. Take your online dating partner out on a movie date. Ask him/her if there is any particular movie in the theatres that he/she would like to watch. Get the tickets and have a great time with your online dating partner. On the other hand, if you are absolutely positive that your online date is equally interested and attracted to you, now is the time to come a little closer. How about a ‘stay-at-home’ movie date? Get a bag of pop-corn and pretzels and watch a super romantic movie with your online dating partner. That sure will get a great chemistry going between the two of you!

Suppose you’ve already been to a movie on your first date, think of other crazy but fun ideas. Play paintball! Paintball is fun and messy and that’s all you need to get closer to the woman or man you are so very attracted to. Play as a team and bond with your date. Or give each other a good clean-up after the game is over. Basically, the idea is to let go of your apprehensions and just have fun with your date. Or, you could also take your date to an amusement park. Your date will always remember the great time he/she had with you on the crazy rides that made him/her scream with joy and excitement!

Cooking with your date has its own special romantic moments. Right from shopping for the ingredients to kneading the dough, refilling the wine glasses and having a peaceful, romantic candle-light dinner in the privacy of your apartment – could there be a more delightful way to spend quality time with your date?

Go ahead and try these tips out. Your online date would surely find more reasons to see you more often!

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