Online Dating for Teenagers: Tips for Parents

online dating teenagers 199x300 Online Dating for Teenagers: Tips for ParentsTeenage years are indeed an age of transformation. Boys and girls who were kids just a few years ago start acting like adults. These are the years of developing new interest in the opposite sex, having crushes on high school hotties and finding a date. Interestingly, the search for the perfect partner does not end in eth real world for teenagers. Just visit a Facebook profile of your teenage son or daughter and you will see hundreds of friends added on the friend list, most of them being from the opposite sex. Kids are not to be blamed for this and as a parent you must not get all worked up, because it is quite natural for your children at this age! This is also the time when teens start taking interest in discreet, private and absolutely exciting online dating sites to explore the thrills of talking to strangers, which they had never tried before. Now, for you as a parent, this can get a little irksome. You would want to know whom your son or daughter spends hours chatting with on her laptop! Do not worry and do not make online dating a taboo for your children. Just allot some ‘controlled freedom’ to them and let them enjoy this phase of their life.


So, if you are a parent of a teenage son or daughter and are worried about him/her getting addicted to online dating or being vulnerable to cyber crime (after all, there are freaks on dating sites too!), just follow these basic rules and ensure that your child is safe and has a chance to explore the concept of online dating in a healthy way.


  • Be open about online dating: What’s wrong with it? You would have probably indulged in it      too, if you had computers and online dating sites at you time. Besides,      kids these days are smart and cyber savvy. By becoming their friend and      talking about dating and friendship with them openly you can help them      share their views and experiences with you. These can help you keep a tab      on their thought process and keep them away from trouble.
  • Take interest in who they are talking to online: By knowing who your teenage son or daughter      chats with on the Internet or who he/she is getting close to, you can know monitor their interests. By taking interest in their online dating partners, you also help to create a strong and warm bond with your children.      Once that is formed, they will not cringe from following your advice when  it comes to meeting the right people on online dating sites.
  • Know their online dating passwords: Once your child knows that you have no problem whatsoever with      him/her indulging in online dating and meeting new people on the Web, you      can try to get to know their online dating passwords. This can help you      check their mailboxes every now and then (just for safety sake) and keep      them away from cyber cries or plain nuisance.
  • Fix timings: While you must show your children that online dating is accepted in the family, you      must fix hours when they can chat with their online dating partners. This will help you keep them in control and they would not feel as if you are      encroaching upon their freedom.

Here’s hoping that these tips on online dating for teenagers will help all parents to give the idea of online dating another thought, especially when their teenage children indulge in them.

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