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General FAQ

  1. What is the minimum age to join/use this service?
    You need to be 18 years and older to join/use this dating service.
  2. How much does this service cost?
    you will be charged CAD 1.50 per message received. Standard carrier message rates apply on messages being sent.
  3. How does the billing work? How do I pay?
    The costs of this service wil be charged by your wireless carrier at the end of each monthly billing cycle.
  4. Are there any additional charges I should be aware off?
    Standard message rates apply set by your wireless carrier.
  5. I don't have a mobile phone. Can I still use this service?
    A mobile phone is required for this text message service.
  6. How do I stop this service/opt out?
    To Opt out, text STOP to 78887.
  7. What's a postal code?
    A postal code is a string of six characters that form part of a postal address in Canada. Our matching system uses postal codes to determine a location/area.
  8. How much money do I pay to setup an online profile.
    Nothing, it’s FREE to setup an online profile account.
  9. How do I setup a free online profile?
    To add an account, surf to: www.textdating.ca/join.php, and fill out the form. You’ll receive confirmation text message after you’ve completed this form.
  10. What to do if I want to find or text with somebody else?
    You have two options:
    1. You can search online at textdating.ca and find somebody you like.
    2. You can also text SWITCH to the number your texting to and our matching system will find you another match.
  11. Can I still use this service being outside of Canada?
    You need to have a wireless account with one of the Canadian carriers to be able to use/join this service.
  12. Am I able to join/setup a free online profile while living outside of Canada?
    You need to have a presence in Canada as well as a wireless account with one of the Canadian carriers to be able to setup a free online profile. If you don’t have one of the two it’s not possible to join.
  13. When using your 'premium text service' how does this service appear on my monthly cell phone bill?
    The charges will be called 'Premium text charges' similar to premium text services like text and win, sports alert and weather alerts services.
  14. Why am I cut off?
    Each mobile carrier set a max monthly amount for each customer to spend, some carriers set a 500 CAD max monthly spending limit , Rogers (Fido), Bell, Virgin and Telus set up a so called ‘Soft Spending’ Cap. The soft cap gives you the option to proceed your text conversion after you’ve replied with YES.
  15. What are the monthly spending caps set by the carriers?
    - Bell/Virgin: $100 / month
    - MTS Allstream: $100 / month
    - Rogers Wireless/Fido: $100 / month* + $500 / month
    - Telus/Koodo: $100 / month* + 500 / month
    - Sasktel: $100 / month* + $300 / month
    - Wind Mobile: $500 / month
    - Videotron: $500 / month
    * This is a soft cap only.
    * Upon reaching each multiple of the soft cap, the user will be informed and asked to reply with YES in order to continue.
  16. If I reached my spending limit, when will I be able to continue texting again?
    On the first day of the following month for most of the carriers, Bell/Virgin user will be reactivated on the calender day if their initial signup .
  17. Is there an alternative solution if I don't want to wait that long?
    We can arrange a so called 'prepaid Credit Card' membership for capped users, plesae contact us with your phone number and we will set you up!
  18. Is it possible to send pictures through the service?
    Unfortunately not at this time.
  19. I lost my phone and/or changed my phone number, can I continue texting with the person I am connected with?
    If you start your text with YOUR PROFILE NAME FOR PROFILE NAME to the number you're texting with, the system should pick up the switch.
  20. What do I do if I don’t trust somebody?
    Please report all your concerns to us by using the CONTACT US form.